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Featuring a soft and moldable composition for a wide range of fishing applications, the Googan Baits Green Series Tungsten Putty Weight 1oz is the ideal accessory for customizing hooks, hard baits, or fishing line by adding weight to your presentation. An easy-to-use non-toxic putty weight, its tungsten construction is highly dense and adds more weight by volume compared to lead-based alternatives.

Designed for suspending jerkbaits, slowing the rise of floating crankbaits, wrapping treble hooks to increase the sink rate, or adding weight to balance out any lure – the possibilities are endless! The Googan Baits Green Series Tungsten Putty Weight 1oz is also great for increasing your casting distance with lightweight lures and allows anglers to alter the weight of their rigs to target specific sections of the water column.

Googan Green Series Tungsten Putty 1oz Black

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