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Many have inquired about both buying and selling used gear at our store. Starting August 1, 2023, we will be collecting your gently used outdoor goods for our consignment shop! If you're interested in selling your gently used items, keep reading below for more information on the process, policies, and items we are and are not accepting!

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We will accept consignment anytime during operating hours, but please arrive an hour before close. If you have multiple items or a tent, please call the store and schedule a time for an appointment. Depending on staffing and traffic, we might request that you drop off your items and we will review them within two business days.

  • Clean and assess your items for wear, defects, and missing parts. Items must be “gently used” and not at the end of their lifetime to be considered.

  • Compile information about your items (i.e. brand, description, original MSRP) and how much you would like to sell your items for.

  • You can also send an email to, but please provide photos and full description (condition, price, etc.) We will review and respond within 3 business days.


Pricing Policy:
  • We will have a dialogue as to how much the item should sell for at the time of the consignment intake. We suggest around 40% off current retail price, depending on condition. This includes “brand new” items. 

  • Quinnebago Outdoors has the right to run sales and promotions up to 10% off at any point during the consignment sale period.

  • If your item has not sold within two months, the store will discount your item by 15%. Items are donated after being on the sales floor for 6 months. Consignees are responsible for coordinating pickup before this timeframe. You may also request to discount your item after two months. Please give us two day to process this request.

Payment Policy:
  • You will receive 50% of the amount your item sold for by check or receive 70% as in store credit. This must be determined during the account set-up process.

  • Checks and store credit will be issued by the 5th of the following month. You can use store credit at your leisure – they will not expire and can only be used in-store. If you choose check payment, we will mail your check to the address provided during the account set-up process.

  • We will not contact you when your items sell, but you can contact the store for information.

Donation Policy:

After six months (180 days), Quinnebago Outdoors has the option to donate any unsold consignment items. If you do not want your items donated, you can retrieve your items at the store at any time.

Damaged/Stolen Item Policy:

Since consignment items are not property of Quinnebago Outdoors, Quinnebago Outdoors is not responsible for damages or theft of the item(s) during consignment. We will make every effort to treat your items with the upmost care and take precautionary measures when we can. But we cannot guarantee issues cannot/will not occur.

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